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The Colorado Ballet pushes us with 3(e)motions

In Denver Times/ Opus Colorado - March 20, 2010

This is going to be a very enjoyable review to write. Enjoyable, because of the remarkable performance given on opening night by the Colorado Ballet Friday, Mar... Read the full article


ColoradoDrama.com - March 20, 2010

3motions, the Colorado Ballet's final production of the season, provides a fitting multi-level description of the emotional triad of dances selected by artistic... Read the full article

Colorado Ballet scales back on its 50th anniversary

The Denver Post - March 16, 2010

Artistic director Gil Boggs doesn't try to sugarcoat the Colorado Ballet's just-announced lineup for its 50th-anniversary season in 2010-11: It's nothing like w... Read the full article

Eventually ballet premiere puts focus on the lighter side

The Denver Post - March 14, 2010

Brian Reeder doesn't like being categorized, but the emerging New York choreographer understands the niche he has fallen into: He is the ballet world's humor gu... Read the full article

Colorado Ballet takes a risky step "Trumpets"

The Denver Post - March 14, 2010

After a run-through of Antony Tudor's "Echoing of Trumpets" during a recent Colorado Ballet rehearsal, Donald Mahler asked a group of dancers to take another st... Read the full article

Beauty and the Beast

ColoradoDrama.com - February 25, 2010

What could be timelier than a story that begins with a family's possessions being seized by creditors? That this traditional folk tale was first committed to pa... Read the full article

Dark, disappointing "Beauty and the Beast"

The Denver Post - February 24, 2010

The Colorado Ballet's deliciously macabre production of "Dracula," which it first presented in 2001 and brought back for several encore runs, ranks among its bi... Read the full article

Beauty and the Beast told in dance

Colorado Community Newspapers - February 16, 2010

On Feb. 19, the curtain will rise on a Colorado Ballet company premier of “Beauty and the Beast,” a full length fairy tale ballet commissioned by the Hong Kong ... Read the full article

Beauty and The Beast Untamed

The Denver Post - February 19, 2010

Updating classic tales is a tricky business, as any creative type will insist. It requires a delicate balance of timeless sentiment and modern vocabulary, relat... Read the full article

How "Nutcracker" stays timeless

The Denver Post - December 11, 2009

It might shock the masses to know that the original "Nutcracker," based on a book published in the early 1800s, was a rather depressing tale.... Read the full article


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