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Nine Sinatra Songs

Nine Sinatra Songs

Choreographer: Twyla Tharp, staged by S. Washington
Composer: Songs recorded by Frank Sinatra
Years performed: 2006

World premiere: October 15, 1982
Premiere company: Twyla Tharp Dance
Premiere location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, Canada
Music by: Frank Sinatra
Costume designer: Oscar de la Renta
Lighting designer: Jennifer Tipton

Description (courtesy of Twyla Tharp's website):

Nine Sinatra Songs presents a glamorous portrait of seven couples that traces the arc of romantic relationships. The dancers swing, swirl, tango and cha-cha through a glittering ballroom.

It premiered on the same program as Bad Smells, meeting the gritty vision head on. 

Nine Sinatra Songs is one of Tharp’s most frequently performed works and has become a mainstay in the repertories of professional dance companies worldwide.


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