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School Workshops

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Day of Dance

School workshops

All grade levels
Day of Dance is a field trip available to students at all grade levels. Bring up to 150 students to Colorado Ballet's studios for a rotation of introductory classes in a variety of dance styles and tour Colorado Ballet's facilities, including the costume shop. Classes may include: creative movement, ballet, jazz, tap, African, Bollywood, Hula, hip hop, and modern dance. The cost is $7 per student.

Balance and Motion

Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Balance and Motion is a field trip or in school workshop recommended for kindergarten through 5th grade.  Students will explore on and off balance and work with partners and props while developing their motor skills through fun movement activities.

Metamorphosis Moves classCreative Movement

Pre-K, Early Elementary
Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening the body and brain.

Words In Motion

All grade levels
Students strengthen their knowledge of vocabulary words and sentence writing in this movement driven lesson. Students will explore embodiments and definitions of words and create dances based on their understanding of sentence writing.

Choreography Basics

4th Grade through 12th Grade
Flexible residency focusing on the elements of dance and choreography, incorporating contemporary dance styles and culminating in a dance piece to perform.

Metamorphosis Moves classMetamorphosis Moves

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
Colorado Ballet and the Butterfly Pavilion collaborate on this workshop. Students learn about the life cycle of the butterfly through movement in this interactive dance and science class.  
$200/1hr program
Visit www.butterflies.org/education/k-5-outreach.php for more information.

Movement Muscles and Mechanics

6th-12th Grade
This anatomy based workshop is an introduction to the skeletal and muscular systems. Students will learn how to warm up the body properly through stretching and conditioning.

Moving the Moon Phases

1st through 5th Grade
Students who are currently learning about moon phases are great candidates for this integrative movement lesson. We will review the phrases together and then apply the dance concept of size/reach to the entire cycle of phases.

World Dance: Hula & Bollywood

Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Students will learn about Polynesian and South Asian (Indian) dance traditions. They will experience technique as well as cultural significance of dance and its movements, through this round-the-world dance workshop 

Hip-hop Technique and History

Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Students will learn the basics to the most popular types of hip hop dance.  History and culture are woven throughout.  

African dance classWest African Dance

Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Students will learn a variety of dances, rhythms and histories from multiple West African cultures. This workshop includes movement, singing, rhythm, and cultural attire.

Social Dances of Yesterday & Today

3rd through 12th Grade
This is an integrative history and movement lesson bringing the dances of the 1940’s to life for students. Students will learn the basic steps of the Lindy hop and Charleston, and then dive into defining what social dance is in our current culture. This workshop ends with a short piece of original choreography bringing the historic and current socials together.

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We have many more on and off campus programs, and we're happy to create unique programs that fit your needs. Just ask: contact Jo Marie Hazelton at jomarie.hazelton@coloradoballet.org or 303-339-1632.

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Day of Dance (all grade levels)
Balance and Motion (K-5th)
Creative Movement (Pre-K-early elementary)
Words In Motion (all grade levels)
Choreography Basics (4th-12th)
Metamorphosis Moves (K-3rd)
Movement Muscles and Mechanics (6th-12th)
Moving the Moon Phases (1st-5th)
World Dance: Hula & Bollywood (K-12th)
Hip-hop Technique and History (K-12th)
West African Dance (K-12th)
Social Dances of Yesterday & Today (3rd-12th)

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