Pre-Professional Division FAQ

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How are students chosen for Pre-Professional Division?

Students are assessed for the PPD based on their previous classical ballet training, ability to receive and apply correction, physical attributes, strength, focus, attitude, and overall potential for a successful career in ballet.

I auditioned for Summer Intensive, but also expressed interest in PPD. When will I find out if I have been accepted into Pre-Professional Division?

If you auditioned for Summer Intensive but also expressed interest in Pre-Professional Division (ages 14-20), we will email your Pre-Professional Division results within 4-6 weeks from the time of your in-person audition. Those students who are applying for Pre-Professional Division are highly encouraged to attend Colorado Ballet Academy’s Summer Intensive.

Where do Pre-Professional Division Students live and go to school?

Most PPD students participate in an online high school program. Parents and students choose the online program best suited to their individual needs. Colorado Ballet Academy does not currently provide tutors or academic counseling, but a daily lunch/study break is provided.

The Parkway Marquis is an apartment complex where current Company, Studio Company and Pre-Professional students live, located just two blocks from Colorado Ballet’s studios and two blocks from King Soopers. Students typically share a two-bedroom apartment with up to four students. Apartment stays are unchaperoned and arranged by the student. Other apartment options are also available within walking distance.

Students may have the opportunity to stay with a host family or rent a room from a CBA family. These opportunities vary from year to year. Please contact the CBA Administration if you are interested in staying with a host family.

When are students able to register for Pre-Professional Division?

Upon invitation to the program, students may register at the start of each semester in August or January. Priority is given to those who attend the entire school year and availability is extremely limited for those who register in January.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are offered based upon merit and skill.

How many opportunities do PPD students have to perform?

PPD students have approximately seven Saturday Soirée performances, three Fall Feature performances, and two Spring Production performances as part of their curriculum. Additionally, PPD students may perform in several First Friday performances throughout the year, YAGP or DBG performances, community showings, and Colorado Ballet Company productions.

Can Colorado Ballet Academy and PPD students participate in Youth America Grand Prix or Denver Ballet Guild?

Yes. CBA allows all their students to participate in YAGP or DBG. Auditions are held annually at the beginning of the Academy year. The auditions allow the CBA faculty to cast students in ensembles as well as guide each student who wishes to participate in a solo choose variations suited to their age and skill level.

Do students need their own transportation?

Yes. Colorado Ballet Academy does not provide transportation for students; however, Denver is a thriving city with a well-established public transportation system that includes RTD Bus & Light Rail. There are several very nice apartment complexes within a few blocks of Colorado Ballet, a large grocery store, and artistic and cultural entertainment. Downtown theaters, museums, attractions, and shopping are a 15-20 minute walk from the studios.

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