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Dancer Q&A: Klara Houdet

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

This is a Q&A with Colorado Ballet Corps de Ballet Dancer Klara Houdet.

  1. Where are you from?
    Réunion Island (French Island)
  2. Where did you train/dance before coming to Colorado Ballet?
    Paris Opera Ballet School
    Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
    National Ballet of Canada
    American Ballet Theatre
  3. What did you do with your summer break?
    Took ballet classes almost every day
  4. What age did you first start dancing? What do you remember from your first class?
    3 years old
    Loving how the studio smelled!
  5. What was your first ballet you remember attending? What do you remember about it?
    I can't remember the first ballet I saw, but I recall spending hours looking at ballet pictures of principals from Paris Opera.
  6. Who are your ballet role models? Dancers that inspire you.
    Many dancers inspire me, from principals to corps de ballet members. But the first name that comes to my mind is Mikhail Baryshnikov.
  7. Proudest moment in your ballet career?
    First place at an international ballet competition, but I wasn't proud, just extremely happy.
  8. Favorite choreographer(s) you’ve worked with?
    Jacopo Godani, Crystal Pite
  9. If you could get a lesson/class from anyone, it would be ________
    Taina Morales from the National Ballet of Cuba
  10. Best advice you’ve ever received from a teacher?
    'You are the master of yourself.'
  11. Favorite ballets to dance? Which are favorite to watch?
  12. Dream role?
    There are too many!
  13. If you could never dance again, what would you want your final role to be?
    Never thought of it and don't want to:-)
  14. What do you like to do when you aren’t dancing (your free time)?
    Surfing the Internet
  15. What are some of your indulgences?
  16. Do you have any pre-performance routines/rituals?
    Nap and going through the choreography, remembering the last changes, notes...
  17. What production(s) are you most excited about this year?
    I'm excited about all of them. Happy to dance again the ones I already know, and looking forward to discover the ones I don't.
  18. What would you say to people who come to see the Colorado Ballet?
    Without you, we wouldn't be able to live our dream.
Klara Houdet by Allen Birnbach

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