After School Programs

Colorado Ballet After School Programs last 10 - 12 weeks offering classes that focus on creative movement and ballet. This curriculum is designed for K -2nd grade students or 3rd -5th grade students* to study a variety of dance concepts (see below) while working on spatial awareness, problem solving, social and emotional skills and strengthening of the body and brain. Our programs are available to be inclusive of or adapted for students with a variety of disabilities. The program culminates with an “informance” for the parents, school and community! Colorado Ballet may provide students with dancewear and the opportunity to attend a Colorado Ballet performance at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House depending on availability. All after school program students are invited to participate in a Summer Dance Camp at Colorado Ballet studios, and one student is chosen annually for a full-year scholarship to Colorado Ballet Academy.

The program will focus on the following dance concepts:
- Place - Levels
- Size - Direction
- Speed - Pathways
- Energy - Body Shapes
- Balance - Weight
- Rhythm - Relationships
- Flow - Focus


All after school programs are offered on a flexible scale** ($40 - $100/per class) based on FRL % rates and school budget. We are always willing to work with your school in order to meet student needs.

Classes may be adapted for ECE or Middle School students

Questions? Contact Cassie Wilson at or 303-339-1619.

"Over these two years, I’ve seen her go from afraid to move, to spending hours on choreographing shows for our family. She’ll sometimes experiment with ways to move around in the house that clearly show the ballet that she’s practiced in class. I know for certain that she is much more confident in her body and her movement than she was."
Parent of a Polaris at Ebert Elementary student

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