Afterschool Program

Colorado Ballet’s afterschool program provides dance classes that focus on creative movement and ballet. These classes take place in the school and last 10 - 12 weeks each semester. The curriculum is designed for students to study a variety of dance concepts (see below) while also improving important life skills such as problem solving, spatial awareness, social and emotional learning, and strengthening the body and brain all through the art of dance.

The afterschool program is designed for students in either ECE - K, K - 2nd grade. or 3rd - 5th grade but can be adapted for any grade, age, and experience level! The program is also available to be inclusive or adapted for students with a variety of disabilities, middle school students, or high school students. The program closes with an informal performance for families, friends, teachers, and the community! Colorado Ballet provides students with dance shirts and the opportunity to attend a Colorado Ballet performance at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, depending on availability. All students who participate in Colorado Ballet’s afterschool program are invited to participate in the Education and Community Engagement Summer Dance Camp at Colorado Ballet studios. One or two students are chosen at camp for a full-year scholarship to the Raydean Acevedo Colorado Ballet Academy.


The program will focus on the following dance concepts:

- Place
- Size
- Speed
- Energy
- Balance
- Rhythm
- Flow
- Levels
- Direction
- Pathways
- Body Shapes
- Weight
- Relationships
- Focus


All after school programs are offered on a flexible scale* ($40 - $100/per class) based on FRL % rates and school budget. We are always willing to work with your school in order to meet student needs.


0 - 25% FRL $100
26 - 50% FRL $90
51 - 60% FRL $80
61 - 70% FRL $70
71 - 80% FRL $60
81 - 85% FRL $55
86 - 90% FRL $50
91 - 95% FRL $45
96 - 100% FRL $40

*If you feel your school cannot afford the corresponding price based on your school’s FRL%, please contact Cassie Wilson at for options.


"My daughter was reluctant to take any enrichment classes in the fall. But after starting it, she loved the program so much she asked to sign up for another session in the winter. It has been a very positive experience for her, and without this opportunity, she probably wouldn't have taken a dance class. She does the "banana dance" all the time at home."
Parent of a Southmoor Elementary Student

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