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Education & Community Engagement Virtual Offerings - Fall 2020

Updated: September 8, 2020

This fall we’re maintaining our momentum with virtual offerings in continued commitment to our mission #everybodydance. See below to stay up to date and find out how you can connect with us.

Classes & Workshops

Every Body Dance!*
Join our afterschool virtual dance classes for the fall semester! Typically, we partner directly with schools for our afterschool class series; we're still doing that, however this year, we're also offering 12-week classes directly to families. You can choose from a variety of options. We'll be offering the familiar curriculum that you are used to in schools in the virtual setting this year and look forward to having students from all over the Denver Metro area and beyond in class together. Additionally, we're launching new class series such as Hip-Hop, Dance Superheros, and I Like Me!

Go to our Virtual Classes page for descriptions, details, and to register



  • Who: Students ages preschool through 4th grade (and families with all ages for storytime!)
  • What: Class series learning creative movement, ballet, or another form of dance
  • When: Afternoon/evening options every day of the week
  • Where: Zoom!
  • Cost: Valued at $260, we’re offering highly discounted sliding scale options starting at $75

School & Community Virtual Workshops*
Teachers, School Staff, and Community Organizers, we see you navigating challenging territory and rising to the new challenges of the school year. We want to support you with our most flexible options! You can customize content, date, time, and length of any of our workshops. You can even request something new!


  • Who: Any group of any age
  • Cost: Depends on program content and format. Fees usually start at the discounted rate of $65 for 30 minutes. We will work with your budget!
  • Format:
    • Live or Recorded: live-time via Zoom (or other platform), Broadcasted to your classroom/community center, Pre-recorded (limited availability), Other.
    • Movement-based or lecture style
    • Full class, half day, or movement breaks

Full Class:
Ex: Moving Matter (1st grade CDE Science Standard): “Freeze like a popsicle! Now melt like a popsicle on a hot summer day!” Students will use creative movement and the dance concept of Flow (bound and free) to embody different states of matter and the transitions between them before creating their own solid/liquid dance.

Half Day:
(Half) Day of Dance - multiple workshops in one with breaks for team building/developing social-emotional skills (starting at $7/student)

Movement Breaks (1-8 minute videos):
Ex: BrainDance, a fun full body-brain exercise based on developmental movement patterns that humans move through in the first year of life helping to integrate reflexes that are the foundation for healthy brain development and fill in missing gaps in our sensory-motor system.

Your Next Steps


Check Facebook for further updates, new programs, and much more!

We're providing FREE content for you to try at home! Follow our page @coloradoballeteducation for follow-along videos and activities that encourage you and yours to step away from the screen and try dance games or explorations together. View a sample here. Send us a message to let us know what videos, activities, articles, and updates you want to see!

Other Program Updates

  • Be Beautiful Be Yourself: In partnership with Global Down Syndrome Foundation, our Be Beautiful, Be Yourself virtual classes re-started last week with 23 students! We're grateful to be dancing with new and familiar faces this semester as we build a community from our own homes.
  • Warren Village: From September through December we will be teaching broadcasted classes to the Warren Village Learning Center. We are hopeful for successful Creative Movement classes with some new and familiar faces!
  • Growing Scientists: Our Growing Scientists partnership is continuing with virtual offerings. We are excited to offer new and returning lessons integrating dance concepts with science standards for K-3rd grade in both live and recorded formats.
  • Five by Five classes: TBD

Virtual Classes for All!

Updated: September 24, 2020

All students in the Denver metro area and beyond are invited to join our afterschool virtual dance classes! These classes are highly discounted with price options on a sliding scale. Our community dance class options are open to a variety of grades and ages, including our World Folk Dance class, which is great for a mix of ages! These classes are inclusive of everyone, no experience necessary. All abilities, skill levels and dance backgrounds welcome. Let’s DANCE! View all classes, fees and schedule on our virtual classes page.

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