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Five by Five

5x5 students

The Five by Five Program by the Denver Office of Children’s Affairs is designed to offer Head Start families opportunities to give their children five cultural experiences by the age of five.

Head Start teachers

Creative Movement Class | Pre-K, Early Elementary
Students will learn about a variety of dance concepts, such as, size, balance, rhythm, levels, shapes, and energy. The class will develop spatial awareness, problem solving, and strengthening the body and brain.

Contact Bridget Heddens at to schedule a FREE Creative Movement class for your students.

Head Start families

5x5 dancing

Get your kids moving!
Colorado Ballet’s Education & Community Engagement department is offering a free day of Creative Movement for Five by Five families on: March 3, 2019, May 19, 2019 and August 25, 2019. Classes will occur two times on each date at 10:00am and 12:00pm, lasting 45 minutes.

  • Advance arrangements needed: Reserve your spot by contacting Emily Aalbers at 303-339-1710 or
  • Restrictions for Five by Five visitors: Limited Availability, first-come, first-served (20 reservations per class time slot).
  • Colorado Ballet offers free tickets to select performances. These tickets are first-come, first-served. Please ask your Head Start program for more information.
  • Five by Five tickets are not available on Colorado Ballet's website or at the ticketing office.
  • Click here for more information about the program.

Professional Development & Adult Education

Have you always wished you’d danced as a kid? It's not too late! Book any of our in-school workshops for adults. We will be happy to modify any workshop to fit your needs, level and space. We can come to staff meetings, retirement centers, book clubs, you name it. Cost is $100/hour for 1-instructor and 10 to 30 participants, but please feel free to reach out with questions and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Some of our favorite options for adults include the following:

  • Ballet 101: made for adults, this workshop covers some ballet history, theater etiquette and tips, and the vary basic ballet steps and arm and foot positions.
  • Any technique workshop (listed on our School Workshops page)
  • BrainDance*: a lesson on BrainDance, integrating movement into your daily life, and the benefits of dance for adults.
  • Cultural Folk Dances

For questions or to book, fill out the online registration located on our School Workshops page or contact the Education Department Manager, Emily Aalbers at

*This warm-up is a series of exercises that is “comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life…cycling through these patterns at any age, daily or weekly while sitting or standing, has been found to be beneficial in reorganizing our central nervous system.” - Creative Dance Center,

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