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We are seeking groups throughout Colorado and out-of-state (and even out of the United States) who are interested in streaming a free live performance by Colorado Ballet.

Live stream students

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The Nutcracker Student Matinee

Presented by Genesee Mountain Foundation
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Colorado Ballet is pleased to announce that educational organizations for students in ECE/Pre-K - 12th grade may receive a recording of Colorado Ballet's 2019 production of The Nutcracker free of charge!

Note that only educational organizations are eligible for this opportunity.
This production was Recorded 12/06/2019.


Register Week 1: November 30 - December 6
Register Week 2: December 7 - 13
Register Week 3: December 14 - 20

Additional Programming

Try Ballet! Nutcracker Movement Break - 8-10 minutes - Recorded Only
On-demand recorded movement video sent to you for your class to try out some of the movements seen in The Nutcracker.

Nutcracker Movement Storytime - 30-45 minutes - Live Virtual Only
Taught by one of Colorado Ballet's Teaching Artists, students will bring the story of The Nutcracker to life with movement!

Get Some Answers and Become Dancers - 45-60 minutes - Live Virtual Only
Students will learn the history behind ballet, typical theater etiquette (and how that applies watching from home!), and get to try some ballet moves themselves.

Q&A with a dancer - pending availability - Live Virtual Only
Students will get to ask questions and get answers from one of Colorado Ballet's professional dancers and learn a few ballet basics from the dancers themselves!

If interested in booking any of these opportunities, please indicate on your registration form and/or contact Cassie Wilson at


Each school/organization will have access to the recording for only the week selected starting Monday at 8:00am (MST) and ending on the following Sunday at 5:00pm (MST).

Note that only educational organizations working with youth in ECE/Pre-K - 12th grade are eligible for this opportunity. This includes public schools, private schools, homeschools, afterschool organizations, and other educational organizations. This opportunity is for educational purposes only and is not intended for personal use. If you are unsure that you are eligible, please contact Cassie Wilson at

**If no official school/organization name is given, your submission will not be considered. For example, "The Garcia Family" or "Smith Household" will not be considered. If you are a homeschool, please indicate this on your registration (i.e., "Patel Homeschool" or "Chen Homeschool CO-OP").**


"Thank you so much for allowing our school to watch the ballet today! It was a wonderful production and your company is truly changing lives and helping these children learn to love and appreciate the arts."
Cloverdale Elementary

"The video and audio quality of the stream was excellent."
Garfield Elementary, Loveland

"Thanks for this awesome felt like we had front row seats! :)"
Richard T. Castro Elementary

"24 students LOVED it and were mesmerized by the music, dancing, lights, effects, and costumes!  As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of watching many kids dancing, twirling, and pretending to play various musical instruments during recess. We are a dual-language (Spanish/English) school here at Harris and having this opportunity to watch a performance that can be understood in any language was incredible."

A huge thank you to Duke Hartman, Rick Romano and EON247 Inc. for spearheading this incredible program!

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