Ballet Etiquette

We hope you enjoy the performance!

Artists of Colorado Ballet by Sue Daniels Photography

Attending your first ballet?  Here are a few general policies:

  • No lap seating. Every person must have a ticket.
  • Cameras or recording: devices are not allowed during performance.
  • Food, drink, smoking are not allowed inside the theater.
  • No talking during the performance.  If patrons around you are talking, please notify an usher.
  • Silence all cell phones.
  • Late seating: Patrons are encouraged to allow ample time to park, arrive in the performance hall, and take their seating prior to the published curtain time. Once the performance has begun (when the music starts or the curtain rises), late arriving patrons may be asked to remain in the lobby until an established performance break or scheduled intermission.
  • Please be courteous to other patrons.

Wondering what you should wear?

If this is your first ballet, you may be wondering what you should wear. Our performances have no dress code--some patrons take the opportunity to dress up while others dress more casually. Typically, we encourage patrons to wear business causal attire, but we just want you to be comfortable in your seat. For performances during cold weather, a coat check is available on the left side of the lobby, so please remember to bring a jacket.

Figaro seatback titling system

If you are attending a story ballet at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, you will have the opportunity to follow along with the story on the Figaro seatback titling system. Just push the button when the system cues you to and you will be able to read along and enjoy the performance at the same time. The Ellie is one of only three opera houses in the United States, one of nine world-wide, with seatback titling. Parents, if you bring young children, please be courteous to the patrons sitting around you and refrain from reading along with the Figaro descriptions. Please note, the Figaro systems are not available for seats in the back of the boxes.

We hope you enjoy the performance!


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