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The mission is simple, Every. Body. Dance!

Education students

Education and Community Engagement

Warren Village student Every. To make dance accessible to everyone.
. To promote dance and movement as part of a healthy lifestyle.
. To encourage creativity and expression through dance, and foster an appreciation for ballet.

The Mission

The mission is simple, Every. Body. Dance!

Colorado Ballet's Education and Community Engagement programs serve students, teachers, families, people with disabilities and lifelong learners in Colorado. Colorado Ballet's outreach programs make more than 35,000 contacts each year in 300 schools/organizations.

Colorado Ballet offers:

You can help support our education and community engagement programs by making a donation to Colorado Ballet.

Be sure to check out our FaceBook for most recent updates. Educators, be sure to check us out on Explorable Places, made possible by the Scientific and Cultural Collaborative!

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About Colorado Ballet's Education & Community Engagement Programs:

"Colorado Ballet’s programs allow students to thrive within an innate human function: dance."
Colorado Ballet instructor

"As you well know, our students need as much support in the realms of supervision, guidance, support, and love as we can give. The Leap N Learn program of Colorado Ballet has been a huge success in this vein… It afforded us an opportunity to hold our students accountable for our high academic expectations as their ability to participate was contingent upon their perfect attendance, good behavior, and academic commitment."
Teacher at McGlone Elementary

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